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Welcome to the TV business!

You are the owner of a new television network. All you have are three awful public access shows, a small amount of cash, and endless ambition. Plus it looks like you’re not the only new TV network in town...

Can you snatch up the best Shows with the most popular Stars and the most lucrative Ads? Can you get enough Shows of the same Genre to make your network stand out? Can you best utilize the powers of the handy Network Cards?

Whose network will get the most Viewers and win the game?

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Game overview

The Networks is a tabletop strategy game from the designer of Bad Medicine, Battle Merchants, and Prolix, in which the players are all running competing television networks. You'll start from humble beginnings to amass the best-possible prime-time lineup and a solid archive of reruns. The game runs 60-90 minutes, and is for 1-5 players. The challenge of the game is that your shows will require stars and ads. But some stars perform better on certain kinds of shows, and some ads perform better in certain time slots. You'll be making all sorts of juicy, tricky decisions as you guide your TV network to the top!

How to play

In The Networks, you will start with three awful public access shows and some money. As the game goes on, you will be canceling these shows and replacing them with better and better shows.

Shows will have varying prerequisites of stars and ads; you'll want to secure those before developing your shows. stars and ads have their own sets of conditions; they perform better on certain types of shows or in certain time slots.

Shows age each season. They usually plunge in popularity at some point, so you must be quick to replace them with fresh new shows whenever you can.

The Networks rewards planning and strategy, but you can't ignore the other players. They may beat you to the show you were planning on getting. Timing is crucial!

Here is the rulebook.

Here's a video tutorial...

Want to try it yourself? Download a free print-and-play version of the game! This version has no illustrations and no advanced cards.

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"This is the perfect medium-weight game... I’m impressed with what Gil Hova has done in The Networks and look forward to seeing how it will do on Kickstarter. He’s made a solid game with a great sense of humor. And yes, it was difficult to cancel “An Hour of Shouting”, but it didn’t bring in the viewers I needed. There’s no room for sentimentality on the Networks." - Indie Cardboard

"The Networks is, quite literally, my favorite Euro-style game. Gil Hova has done what many have found unthinkable, combining a deep economic game of resource management with sharp humor and an incredibly engaging narrative. It's a perfect blend of mechanism and theme. It is, in short, UHF: The Euro Game. And you need it in your collection." - Your Moderator Chris, Flip the Table podcast

"If you're looking for some lighter fun with a backbone, and fantastic dad puns, you can feel good spending an hour of your table time with it... I think Gil's game is smart, well-designed, and it sneaks in a challenging game under the cover of humor." - Heavy Cardboard

"With screwball humor and well-developed mechanics, this game offers both charming flavor and solid design. The Networks is basically UHF: The Board Game. It encourages you to excel at the inanity of television programming on the one hand while lambasting it on the other, and yet this charming mix of motives adds up to a game that’s amusing and strategic all at once." - The Cardboard Republic review (Awarded the Seal of the Republic!)

"The Networks is a thoroughly enjoyable card game. Deciding when to develop new shows and drop existing shows, as well as what time slots, who will star in them and what advertising to use is surprisingly fun. The game plays fast, is easy to teach but has many tough decisions. I cannot wait to see what potential additions come about from stretch goals for this game’s Kickstarter campaign." - Board Game Quest

"All-in-all, I really enjoyed The Networks. It is approachable, funny, and smart all at the same time. I know that this is a game that I can bring out with newer gamers because they will have a blast with the theme, yet I can also bring it out with more hardcore gamers due to its subtle depth. Gil Hova of Formal Ferret Games has created an impressive gem; One which points to a bright and successful future for this indie publisher. I can’t wait to see what kind of cards and new ideas will make their way into future expansions. Any game that can make me want more while still feeling like a complete and final product has something special going for it."Meeple Mountain

"This is a winner. I want one. We're actually going to fight over this copy." - Punching Cardboard

"Overall, The Networks was done beautifully and kept me wanting more... kinda like my yearn for reality television, but much less guilty this time around." - Indie Tabletop

"The Networks is simply an extremely well-designed game... and the gameplay is just so solid. Maybe it’s true that there’s nothing good on TV, but, quite frankly, with The Networks, I’ve already got plenty of entertainment at my fingertips." - Gameosity

"Like an episode of Game of Thrones, this game is addicting and leaves you wondering how the last 60 minutes flew by so quickly. The Networks is must-see-TV and I highly recommend you check it out." - League of Nonsensical Gamers

"’s strong in all its elements – theme, gameplay, strategic challenge, accessibility, length, graphics, humor – across the board, making for a fantastic game that’s greater than the sum of its already solid parts. A game of The Networks is more fun than drinking from the fire hose, and in the end, fun is what it’s all about." - Up With Meeple

"...The Networks is a well crafted card-drafting game. The game remains engaging throughout the entire playing time, and the escalating strength of the three Show decks gives a nice trajectory to the strategy/scoring." - The Opinionated Gamers

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